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Three paradigm-challenging hypotheses on the subject of vaccination

We are pleased to present the following three abstracts from the ersatz online journal Medicinal Hypothesis. More

Vaccine-induced Microencephalitic Damage and the Genesis of the Zombie Mythology

The zombie mythology originated in the Afro-Caribbean belief system of Voodoo, which talked of a powerful wizard with the ability to control people. These people, raised from the dead and without a will of their own, serve to do the bidding of the ‘bokor’, or sorcerer. Science, as we know it, has long since closed the doors on such ideas, yet history has shown us that myths often can reveal profound truths. The zombie myth may have its origin in one such truth. More

Scientists develop new, milder form of Polio

In an effort to reach out to the anti-vaccine movement, scientists today announced the development of Polio-Lite, a form of the disease that is as contagious as Polio Classic – the original form of Polio – but with far fewer symptoms. More